Pipe relining offers several benefits to commercial buildings. Whether in historic commercial offices, central business district high rises, banks, restaurants, malls, or shopping centers,  trenchless pipe repair provides facility managers with an alternative to pipe replacement that helps them save time and money. When commercial buildings are faced with a pipe repair project, pipe relining with NuFlow Indy is the premier choice.

Why Use Pipe Relining for Commercial Buildings

  • Cost efficiency – Relining the interior of a pipe to make the repair is often more cost effective than pipe replacement. Our repairs don’t require excavation equipment, and require less downtime for the business. We have found that we can save our customer 50% or more on pipe repairs when using the NuFlow Indy pipe lining technology.

  • Customization – Pipe relining projects are customized to each job. We diagnose every problem with a camera inspection, and provide you with our recommended repairs. If only a small section of pipe needs repaired, we will custom make our liner to the length and diameter of the pipe. This prevents you from paying for costly repairs that would have to be made with pipe replacement. We also have different lining materials that can be custom made for the type of liquid that flows through the pipe. For example, we have a high-temp liner that can handle liquids at higher temperatures than our standard liner. 

  • Customer experience – The last thing business owners want is to disrupt or interfere with their customer experience. Pipe replacement requires loud, heavy machinery to dig up the floor or walls which can force customers out of the building to competitors. Our repairs are done with minimal disruption, allowing the business to stay open while we make repairs that the customer can’t see. 

Case Study – First Merchants Bank

Pipe relining offers several advantages to banks when pipe repairs need to be made. NuFlow Indy received a call from First Merchants Bank to diagnose their pipe problems and provide a solution that wouldn’t disrupt their business. 

The Problem

Customers and employees of First Merchant Bank were complaining of slow draining in the restrooms. As a result, they had to shut down the restrooms causing frustration and displacement of workers during the day. NuFlow Indy first diagnosed the problem using our sewer camera, going as far upstream and downstream as we could in the pipe to make sure every issue was noted. The sewer line was old, 4” cast iron pipe that had significant scale build up causing a blockage. 

The Solution

Our first step was to clean the pipe thoroughly. To do this, we used a hydro jetter and mechanical chain cleaning tool to thoroughly remove the scale from the pipe. Once the line was cleaned, we used our NuFlow pull-in-place liner to create a seamless, new pipe inside of the old one. We pulled a toilet in the restroom and used that as our push point, while using an outside cleanout as our pull point. We were able to place 70’ of liner and restore the pipe to like new condition.