How We Repair Pipe Connections in Indiana

The need for effective and efficient pipe repair is greater than ever, considering the ever-growing and increasingly intricate network of piping that businesses and consumers utilize daily. Standard approaches to pipe connection repair work regularly bring about excessive costs, project delays, and disruption and damage to properties. Trenchless pipe repair technology, meanwhile, lets organizations repair sewer connections and pipe connections without these myriad problems.

At NuFlow Indy, we’re proud to offer reliable trenchless pipe repair solutions to meet our customers’ varied needs. Plus, we take things a step further than restoration work by incorporating and revitalizing fittings into our processes. Read on to discover all we can provide.

About Our Pipe Connection Abilities

When it comes to working with fittings and tie-ins for pipe connections, our methodology includes brush coating, reinstating connections using advanced robotic cutting tools, and utilizing specific fitting liners for a given job. These liners are applied to either tee pipe fittings (T-shaped), or wye pipe fittings (Y-shaped). Our versatility in these areas allow us to ensure comprehensive restoration work for our clients without the need for traditional, more damaging approaches.

Tee connections and wye connections are troublesome when it comes to pipe repair work due to their bends that cause accessibility issues. Our custom solutions for wye and tee pipe fittings, however, accommodate these bends to restore pipes to their proper functionality with ease.

Our process for pipe connections in Indiana is a meticulous one that is tailored to the needs of the job, including such aspects as:

  • Custom fitting liners – We craft a liner that will match the precise dimensions and contours of a given wye pipe fitting or tee pipe fitting, installing it within the existing structure and avoiding costly and problematic excavation. This repair work produces a structurally sound and completely restored fitting that will ensure the smooth and unimpeded functionality of a property’s plumbing.
  • Brush coating – Another solution we offer to repair pie connections on an Indiana property is to brush coat fittings via the Picote Xpress Coating System. First, we will free the pipes of any debris and corrosion. Then, we will use a special brush to spread epoxy resin within the pipe, creating a durable coating that seals existing leaks, prevents corrosion, and wards off future deterioration.
  • Reinstatement with robotic cutting – Our team is trained to operate a Hachler E Cutter robotic cutting tool to reinstate connections. This tool helps up to access the specific areas of a lined pipe that need reinstated connections. Via remote control, our team can guide the cutting tool to the needed areas, then cut the lining material in specific spots. This ultimately helps provide new openings for branch connections, tee connections and wye connections.

Contact NuFlow Indy to Repair Sewer Connections and Pipe Connections

The trenchless technology that the NuFlow team can provide will not only effectively complete your pipe connection repair work but will enhance your plumbing infrastructure, facilitating a longer life for your piping.

Reach out to our Indiana pipe connection specialists to discuss your project and options, and we’ll be proud to put our expertise to work!

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Dave Perry founded NuFlow Indy in 2016. Prior to founding NuFlow, Dave was the founder and CEO of DP Mechanical, a commercial and residential plumbing and HVAC business. He is a licensed plumber with 30+ years of experience in industrial, commercial and residential plumbing.

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