Industrial buildings often have complex piping systems transporting water, chemicals, sewage and other materials that are critical to the facilities operations. 

Over time, these pipes can begin to crack, belly, or lose diameter and flow rate due to various factors, such as corrosion or normal wear and tear. Pipe relining allows facilities managers to repair the pipes, by creating a new pipe inside of the old one, which will save the facility from costly downtime and reconstruction costs. 

Why Use Pipe Relining for an Industrial Facility?


We understand that each facility has its unique requirements for piping material. Our liners are custom made in house to fix the specification of each job. We offer various types of liners and we provide safety data sheets (SDS) to the facility manager and their team to validate that our liner can meet those requirements. We can also customize the diameter and length of the liner to repair sections as small as 5 feet, all the way up to thousands of feet. Whether your pipes are carrying chemicals, waste, high temperature liquids, etc., we can utilize different lining materials to match your requirements using one of the following:

  • High-temp liner
  • Ambient
  • Cold cure (UV)
  • Picote – coating system
  • Double vinyl 

Pipes we work on most often for industrial facilities include:

  • Sewer lines
  • Roof drains
  • Waste lines (from whatever material is being used in the facility)
  • Water lines
  • Large corrugated


Pipe relining will oftentimes cost significantly less. Without the need for expensive excavation, downtime in labor and machinery, and reconstruction costs, pipe relining offers our customers significant savings.

Less Downtime

Pipe relining takes far less time than pipe replacement. By relining the pipe where it is, our repair process doesn’t require excavation, saw cutting, etc., which can require multiple days and displace workers.

No Disassembly Required

Many piping systems at industrial facilities are located beneath large pieces of stationary equipment or large structures which would require disassembly or destruction to make the repairs. Our repairs preserve that infrastructure and don’t require you to disassemble your equipment and shut down part or all of your facility.

Seamless Repair

Joints are often the cause of piping system breakdowns. Liner repairs don’t have joints which eliminates the risks of leaks and infiltration.

Case Study – Manufacturing Facility

NuFlow Indy was called to investigate the sewer line problems of a large powertrain manufacturing facility in Monticello, Indiana. Our investigation began with a camera inspection to diagnose the pipes problems and provide a solution.

The Problem

450’ of 4 inch and 6 inch cast iron sewage pipe was failing. These pipes ran directly underneath all of the stationary machinery used to manufacture the powertrain parts in the plant. To replace this pipe, the facility manager would have to authorize weeks of time off for the workers, and downtime for the facility. This would also require expensive disassembly and removal of the machinery to make way for the excavation equipment. 

The Solution

Using existing access points, we were able to repair all 450’ of pipe using our  pull in place pipe relining technology while keeping the business fully operational.