Storm Drain Repair In Carmel, IN

When a storm drain is blocked, backing up, or otherwise needs major repairs the process can often be costly, and in the past, has involved costly and unpopular excavations. These excavations often lead to the closing of a major road and resulted in major convenience and stress for municipalities and land owners. Our NuFlow Indy’s trenchless pipe lining technology can restore a damaged storm drain pipe to working order without the cost and stress of excavation.

The trenchless pipe lining technology we have been using for years to repair and renew residential and commercial sewer laterals has been adopted by our engineers to line large diameter pipes, including storm drains. While we use a slightly different formula for the epoxy to ensure the strength of the newly lined pipe, the process is more or less the same. We first inspect the existing pipe and identify the problem areas and then using our hydro jetting services to clean it and prepare it for lining. Once the pipe is clean, the lining process can begin.

In order to effectively repair storm drains and offer long-lasting results, we don’t replace the drain with a new one, as the process of demolition and excavation would be far more time-consuming and inconvenient for our customers. Instead, we rely on pipe lining principles and apply them to storm drains so that, within a single day, they can be restored to proper functionality and serve your home or business as expected. The epoxy impregnated liner can then be run through the storm drain pipe and positioned properly. At that point, the bladder inside of it can be inflated forcing the epoxy to bond with the side of the existing pipe and cure into a new pipe filling and cracks, joint, or other voids ensuring a complete pipe through the entire route.

This new epoxy resin pipe is far stronger, and can be depended on to work properly with regular cleaning for the next fifty years. Repairing a storm drain pipe through trenchless methods alleviates these concerns, and is sure to give you a new pipe that will last for decades. Our storm sewer CIPP lining takes a fraction of the time of traditional methods. Our team can install up to 1,000 feet of lining in hours as opposed to days, followed by a 24 hour curing process. This faster process will save you from needing to spend money on labor crews or major storm drain projects.

The past methods of digging up a road to replace an old storm drain pipe are extremely costly, and at NuFlow Indy, we are proud to have moved away from these invasive methods. Call our team at NuFlow Indy today to schedule our services for all of your storm drain needs, including an inspection and assessment. We are always happy to take a look and assist our customers, and we are the local experts in storm drain pipe lining. For our professional services provided in Carmel, Indiana, call now for assistance and we will be happy to help you!

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