Trenchless Pipe Lining in Carmel, IN

With NuFlow Indy’s range of procedures utilizing cutting-edge trenchless technology, including trenchless pipe lining, the past problems of invasive excavation and time-consuming repairs are eliminated.

First, your NuFlow Indy pipe lining system engineer will use a sewer camera inspection to determine the damage inside of your pipes. Our camera inspection is hugely important, allowing us to quickly assesses the health of your pipes and allows our engineers to make precise, educated decisions concerning your pipelines, and is a big contributing factor to getting your job completed more quickly. The recent emergence of the sewer camera inspection, a trenchless procedure, means that a great deal of time is saved on any given job.

If your pipes are discovered to have become cracked, have leaking fittings, or chronic tree root problems and it’s decided that our trenchless pipe lining services will best address these problems and offer long-lasting solutions, your pipeline will be prepared for the liner to be installed. This is done by using our deep-cleaning service, called hydro jetting. The interior of the pipe must be smooth to ensure that the liner adheres cleanly, as any bumps or projections underneath the liner could cause premature rips or tears. The hydro jetting process removes clogs, breaks down tree roots, and strips away mineral deposits and rust.

After the pipeline has been completely cleaned of debris and waste, the pipe liner can now be installed. A felt liner, impregnated with epoxy resin, is affixed to the end of your pipe, and extreme pressure forces it simultaneously inside out and into your pipe. After the resin is given time to cure properly for several hours, the resin has hardened, and your pipeline system is ready for usage once again and will function more smoothly and efficiently than before.

Trenchless procedures represent the most cutting-edge technology available on the market today. Previously, a long, deep trench would need to be dug in your backyard, into the concrete basement floor of your house, or into the walkway or parking lot in front of your business in order to excavate and service whole sections of pipe at a time. Today, NuFlow Indy’s trenchless methods mean that only a small hole needs to be created to reach and repair your entire pipeline network. This reduces mess, saves you money on clean-up costs, and cuts down on the time needed for your procedure, getting your family or employees back to business in less than a day.

Impressively, trenchless procedures are also better for the environment. Your existing pipe stays in the ground both during and after your procedure, meaning that much less waste is sent to a landfill. The long lifespan of our trenchless pipe linings also means that fewer system replacements are required over time, leading to less waste over time.

NuFlow Indy’s branch in Carmel ensures that a team of highly-trained system engineers and technicians are close to your home or business, ready to provide our services today. We pride ourselves on efficiency and professionalism, and promise you won’t be disappointed! To order a trenchless pipe lining service, or to speak with us about our other available procedures, call today, and we look forward to hearing from you.

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