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Vent Stack lining in Columbus, IN

What is Vent Stack Lining?

At NuFlow Indy, we service the Columbus area with affordable and efficient sewer and drain services. It no secret that any kind of plumbing repair, no matter the size, can be costly, messy, and destructive. Minor repairs can turn into large issues if the correct measures are not taken during the repair process. In a modern up-and-coming city like Columbus, it is important to make sure that the right technicians are servicing your vent stacks. Our team at Nu Flow Indy in Columbus are proud to serve our customers with the most innovative and reliable services that they need and completed in a timely fashion.

As experts in the plumbing industry, we pride ourselves in staying up to date on the latest and greatest lining technologies. For bustling cities like Columbus, it is essential that the best approach is taken when it comes to vent stack lining. Taking a step-by-step process has allowed the vent stack lining process to be effective throughout the years.
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The first part of the vent stack lining process is to conduct an assessment. When the assessment is complete, our team is able to line the repair site, thoroughly clean it, prepare the vertical pipe, and remove any debris inside of the pipes. The goal is always to rehabilitate the pipes instead of completely replacing them. If the pipes can be salvaged, one of our trenchless professionals will get the job done.

The vent stack lining process involves lining the vent stack with an epoxy coated leave. When the epoxy sleeve is completely in the pipe, it is inflated at high pressure sealing the inside to create a new pipe within the old one. Once the pipe is cured in place using ultraviolet light. When the lighting process is done, it is removed from the vent stack. The liner is trimmed to fit your pipes and the job is complete without a mess.

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Since the vent stacks are an essential part of ventilation for buildings, the vent stack lining process should only be performed by a professional in the industry. During this process, all the work that is done is non-invasive. Everything stays intact, and you won’t even know our team was there! While vent stack lining is a reliable service, there are certain situations that will not allow for cut-and-dry methods of vent stack lining. If the vent stack needs to be replaced altogether, that will be a little more challenge, but nothing that our team cannot handle. We will just utilize another trenchless technology.

Bringing in our team at NuFlow Indy will be one of the best decisions you have ever made. We will always do everything in our power to avoid destruction of your current pipes. Our team is made up of expert technicians that are eager to help you with your vent stack lining process. If your business in the Columbus area is experiencing ventilation issues, please do not hesitate to give us a call. We will meet your needs satisfaction guaranteed!