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Nu Flow has the solutions for all the above-mentioned and many more piping issues one may be faced with. With the ability to use the existing access point(s), Nu Flow is able to complete projects with little to no destruction to property or downtime to daily business operations.

The Nu Flow pipe lining portfolio of products makes traditional methods of replacing pipes or repipes seem like a primitive act, not to mention replacing the pipes only resets the clock, allowing for the pipe to corrode, leak or clog again. Once building owners/managers truly understand Nu Flow’s full arsenal of products and resume, most will choose Nu Flow as their preferred pipe renewal company.

Nu Flow not only stands out amongst traditional methods for pipe replacement and repipes, but against other pipe lining technologies in the market.

The pipe lining industry has been broken into two segments, epoxy coating which focuses on pressurized systems and structural lining which focuses on non-pressurized systems. This at times leaves building owners/managers lost in the maze of who to call. Since Nu Flow has both pipe lining technologies under one roof, clients can call and talk through their issues knowing that Nu Flow has the product to solve their pipe problem.

Armed with patent protected technologies on both epoxy coatings for pressurized pipes and the structural liners, many have tried to copy but rarely live up to Nu Flow’s dominate position in the market.

Epoxy Coating: With over 7000 research hours from the US Naval Research Lab and 30 years experience with epoxy coating application in the pipe, including a large portion US Naval Fleet, Nu Flow still stands heads and shoulders above those who have come after. In 1984, the mission for the US Naval Research Lab was to design the best epoxy product and process that would last the longest once in the pipe.

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