If you have a failing pipe, a traditional plumber will remove it and replace it with a new pipe. This method often requires them to dig up and destroy your yard, driveway, street, trees, walls, floors and more. 

NuFlow Indy focuses on a no-dig sewer line repair method which eliminates the need for digging by lining old pipes instead of replacing them. We have found no-dig sewer line replacement methods to be the most effective and cost efficient for numerous reasons.

Our approach includes using existing access points (cleanouts, toilets, etc.) to insert our liners inside the damaged pipes to create a long-lasting “pipe-within-a-pipe.” The liner is pulled into place and then left to cure, so there is no damage or disruption to the building, tenants or residents.

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We restore old, broken or corroded pipes to like-new condition without the need to remove or replace them. NuFlow’s Indianapolis no-dig pipe repair techniques and trenchless pipe lining technology does not require any destruction to your property. Our professional maintenance teams perform critical sewer line repair without digging which means less mess, less cost, and minimal disruption.

Traditional Pipe Repair vs. NuFlow Indy Pipe Lining

Traditional Pipe Repair & Replacement
Involves demolition to enable access to pipes
Highly disruptive to tenants and owners
Requires repair and reconstruction to return property to original condition
Not long-term, problems will return over time
Not feasible for inaccessible pipes
NuFlow Indy No-Dig Sewer Line Repair
No-dig, trenchless solutions use existing access points
Less disruptive and faster than traditional pipe replacement
Avoids structural destruction of buildings, hardscapes, landscapes and associated reconstruction costs
Long-term solution prevents future problems
Suited to the most challenging pipe situations

Understanding the Ins and Outs of No-Dig Pipe Repair

NuFlow Indy works with you to effectively achieve sewer repair without digging at your Indiana property. Let’s dive into some FAQs about the process so you can feel confident knowing this is the best solution for your needs.

What are some of the causes of sewer line damage?

Damage to your sewer line may result in flooding, leading to major issues on your property. Here are some of the factors that cause sewer line damage:

  • Age
  • Ground shifting
  • Corrosion
  • Tree roots

Additionally, old pipes made of materials like clay, tile, or steel might increase the risk of flooding around your property.

What is the process of no-dig pipe repair?

The process of using sewer repair without digging should take a day or two, leaving your landscape looking good as new while fixing any problems that aren’t visible to the naked eye. Check out the general process for trying sewer line repair without digging.

1. Inspection

The process of sewer line repair without digging starts with an inspection with a flexible camera. The technology is used to assess pipe condition, identify issues, and determine the best repair method for the specific application. We will provide you with a copy of the sewer camera inspection video, a written report, and a quote for repairs, if needed.

2. Preparing the line

To prepare the line for installation, we clean it with a hydrojetter or mechanical clean. This ensures that the existing pipe (host pipe) is clear of debris and ready for the liner to be pulled or pushed into place.

3. Pipe lining

Once the pipe has been prepped, it is time to start lining the liner. This is done by inserting a flexible liner into the old pipe, creating a new pipe that is free of cracks and other forms of damage, resulting in a pipe within a pipe. We use either cured in place pipe lining technology (CIPP) or cold cure UV pipe lining technology (CCUV), depending on a project’s needs.

Just like that, you’ll have a long-term solution for your broken pipes that doesn’t create extensive damage to your property.

How long does a no-dig pipe repair take?

The complexity of the issue you are facing will be a large factor in the duration of your no-dig sewer line repair, but most residential projects will take a day or two. Commercial projects at hospitals, apartment buildings, etc., have special requirements that can take longer. Relevant considerations include the extent of the damage, the type of repair that is conducted, and the accessibility to the sewer line.

Additional time might be spent on a larger project, additional repairs or adjustments, and any complications or unseen challenges. To get a better indication of how long your no-dig sewer line repair will take, be sure to consult with the professionals at NuFlow Indy!

time for pipe repair
no-dig pipe repair

What are the benefits of no-dig pipe repair?

When you choose sewer repair without digging, your yard and neighbors will thank you. Here are some of the pros of choosing our Indianapolis no dig sewer line repair:

  • Less digging – Depending on the circumstances, your yard will not need any digging whatsoever to repair certain sewer line problems.
  • Less noise – Digging trenches in your yard requires loud excavators and other noisy equipment. Since no dig pipe repair doesn’t require loud machinery, your daily routine will not be interrupted by noise.
  • Less money spent – Sewer repairs without digging can often save you a significant amount of money up front, as well as saving more money in the long run. This is because you will not be faced with costs associated with fixing your landscape and recreating its previous aesthetic.

Will a no-dig sewer line repair disrupt my property or landscape?

The impact of no-dig pipe repair on your property is next to nothing, and you’ll effectively never know we were there. This means that you can go back to enjoying the scenery or resume normal outdoor activities without waiting for extensive repairs.

The only exception arises if a customer either desires or requires an outside cleanout to be installed, which will necessitate excavation. Otherwise, there is no disruption to the property at all.

Can no-dig sewer repair be used for both residential and commercial properties?

Absolutely! Regardless of your property type, you can count on no-dig sewer line repair for long-term solutions.

Are there limitations on the size of the pipe we operate on?

At NuFlow Indy, we can engage in no-dig sewer line repair work on pipes as small as 2 inches in diameter to those more than 24 inches in diameter. Depending on the type of liner the job requires, these pipe liners can last up to 100 years.

no dig sewer line repair
Clear pipes of debris, roots and corrosion to prepare for lining
no dig sewer line replacement
Insert the liner through cleanout, vent stack or toilet opening
sewer pipe replacement
Liner cures, creating a “pipe-within-a-pipe” that’s ready to use

The newly created pipe is ready for use immediately. Our Indiana-based no-dig pipe repair work is designed to last up to 100 years and comes with a 20-year transferable warranty in most residential cases.

We are able to restore an entire sewer line, so you can avoid the headache and cost of a sewer line replacement. We can also do a spot repair, focusing on a small section of damaged pipes. Our technology works on pipes as small as two inches in diameter and pipes bigger than 24 inches in diameter.

Our no-dig sewer line repair and rehabilitation can cost half the price of traditional pipe replacement or repair. There is also little structural modification involved because there is no need to tear up the street or lawn, reducing labor and clean-up costs.

Long-Lasting No-Dig Pipe Repair Solutions Are More Cost Efficient Than Short-Term Fixes

If you’re having backup problems in your home, a traditional plumber may be able to temporarily get your sewer line moving again – but they often don’t provide a long-term solution. Corrosion, roots, cracks, leaks, offset pipes and many other problems could be the reason your pipes are backing up repeatedly. 

If you don’t address the root cause, you’ll likely face the same backups over and over again, costing you more money and stress in the long run. That’s where NuFlow Indy can help. By approaching sewer repair without digging, we take the worry out of your pipe repair investment.

NuFlow Indy offers long-term no-dig pipe repair solutions to make sure you don’t have to stress about the disruption and financial burden of repeated backups and sewer problems. Even if a traditional plumber digs up your yard and replaces the damaged pipes, the new unlined pipe is doomed for the same failures of the old pipe. Our liners are seamless, unlike pipe replacement with joints that are susceptible to roots at each fitting. They are so strong they prevent future root intrusion and corrosion. You can rest easy that your sewer line will be in good shape for decades to come.

sewer repair services

With Our Indianapolis, Indiana No-Dig Pipe Repair, Your Pipes Are Ready to Use in Just Minutes

Performing sewer repairs without digging has many benefits – one being that there is minimal downtime. In many cases, NuFlow Indy uses a UV light to cure the liner in place. This process is even faster than our epoxy liners. In as little as ten minutes, your new “pipe-within-a-pipe” will be ready to use. You’re free to go back to your normal routine as soon as we finish the project. 

Once pipes are lined you will notice several benefits:

improved flow rate

An improved
flow rate

Structurally sound pipes

Structurally sound pipes

Elimination of weakened joints

Elimination of weakened joints

No groundwater contamination

No groundwater contamination

prevent future root intrusion

Strength to prevent future root intrusion

NuFlow Indy Is Your Go-To Indianapolis, Indiana No-Dig Sewer Line Repair Company

The team at NuFlow Indy has over thirty-five years of experience in the plumbing and HVAC industries. It is our utmost priority to address your pipe and sewer line repairs without digging or causing disruption on your property.

If you need pipe repairs or are interested in learning more about our business, reach out today.


"Nu-Flow installed a sewer pipe liner at my property and did an incredible job. They saved me a lot of trouble and money by offering the pipe liner option. I would recommend these guys to anyone who needs sewer line repair. Very responsive and helpful group."

- Sam Boyle


"Jared and the NuFlow Indy crew were fantastic. They explained the issues and the possible resolutions very well and gave us all the best options. They were always on time, very professional, did amazing work and it was affordable. Would recommend to anyone."

- Dean Heaviland


"We recently purchased a house and NuFlow helped us fix a damaged pipe. They were super easy to work with and responsive whenever we needed additional information about the job. Would recommend them to anyone needing repairs."

- Andrew Smith


"Professional, understanding and accommodating in terms of explaining complex sewer issues in layman terms. 100% would recommend to anyone who needs camera work - shoutout to Mark!"

- Yaugen Karakin

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Published on: 10/20/2022

Author: Dave Perry

Dave Perry founded NuFlow Indy in 2016. Prior to founding NuFlow, Dave was the founder and CEO of DP Mechanical, a commercial and residential plumbing and HVAC business. He is a licensed plumber with 30+ years of experience in industrial, commercial and