Nursing homes provide vital services to Indianapolis’s aging residents. These facilities have complex piping systems that require a cost-effective and minimally invasive solution when repairs need to be made. NuFlow Indy is a trusted contractor for many nursing homes and can provide trenchless pipe repair solutions that save money. Our team also offers an assisted living sewer repair solution that doesn’t disrupt residents. 

Why Pipe Relining for Nursing Homes?

We have worked in many nursing homes throughout Indiana, and they all tell us that we were selected because of our ability to make the repair with the least amount of disruption to the residents.

At nursing homes, especially in memory care units, residents’ health and safety often depend on being in a routine. When that routine is disrupted by maintenance work, such as for an eldercare sewer repair job, it can cause frustration and confusion. Pipe relining is a trenchless solution that repairs pipes without the need for heavy machinery and excavation. We are able to make a new pipe inside of the old one, saving nursing homes time, money, and mess. 

Overall, we are your go-to choice when it comes to sewer repairs for nursing homes because of the following:

  • Cost savings – Assisted living sewer repairs conducted by relining can be the most cost-effective repair method for nursing home facility managers. Pipe relining often does not require any destruction of property, meaning you won’t have the expense of tearing out floors, walls, and other aspects of your nursing home to make a repair. We have been told by our customers that traditional pipe replacement would have often cost them 2-5 times more than sewer pipe relining.
  • Less disruption to residents – Pipe relining, whether it be for your sewer line, roof drains, or other types of pipes, is a repair method that doesn’t require heavy excavation and large crews of workers. Our pipe relining allows us to repair the pipe where it is, without having to dig it out of the ground or remove it from the wall. Traditional pipe replacement could mean moving residents out of their rooms for days or weeks, while pipe relining doesn’t require relocation and can be completed much more quickly. This allows nursing home sewer repairs to be made without disrupting the routines and daily lives of residents, making your facility a much happier place.

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  • Compliance – We often hear from our customers at nursing homes that trenchless pipe repair helps keep them in compliance with the regulations they must adhere to, by ensuring their plumbing system stays in good health. With the savings we provide our customers, they are able to spend money to keep other vital parts of the facility in compliance.

Case Study – Eldercare Sewer Repair at Beech Grove Meadows

Beech Grove Meadows is a senior living facility that provides various services to the aging residents of Indianapolis, Beech Grove, Greenwood, and beyond. When they began having pipe problems, they called us to get a diagnosis of the problem and provide them with a quote for a nursing home sewer repair solution. 

The Problem

Three resident living units had restrooms that were not draining. These residents were not able to use their showers, sinks, and toilets. A floor drain that had been covered during renovations was overflowing and soaking through the carpet. The backup was causing the residents to become frustrated, and a long-term solution was required.

The Solution

Our initial camera inspection showed that 275 feet of 6-inch cast-iron pipe was failing, due to corrosion and other compromised sections of pipe. This pipe ran directly under the main hallways and into the common area of the building where the residents ate lunch and had daily activities.

We were able to reline the interior of all 275 feet of pipe, with minimal disruption, and in only a few days. Estimates for traditional pipe replacement would have cost them triple the price, and the process would have taken several weeks and disrupted the day-to-day lives of the residents significantly. By choosing NuFlow Indy’s trenchless pipe repair services, they were able to avoid these problems while receiving a more cost-effective solution.

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Published on: 10/09/2023

Author: Dave Perry

Dave Perry founded NuFlow Indy in 2016. Prior to founding NuFlow, Dave was the founder and CEO of DP Mechanical, a commercial and residential plumbing and HVAC business. He is a licensed plumber with 30+ years of experience in industrial, commercial and