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At NuFlow Indy, we offer maintenance drain cleaning services as well as emergency drain line cleaning sessions for residents and business owners across Indiana. Our NuFlow Indy experts are well-trained and will be able to answer all of our customer’s questions and concerns. We take the time to quickly diagnose the problem before recommending the best solution.

How Drain Cleaning Can Fix Indiana Home Pipes

With drains designed to transport wastewater and debris out of homes and into the sewer mains on the streets, these systems need to be cleaned regularly in order to be fully operational. For the times when the drain lines have already become clogged with waste and debris, our team at NuFlow Indy has the cleaning equipment and tools needed to quickly resolve the issue. Our drain cleaning equipment utilizes contemporary technology to be effective and can fix many common issues found in the drains, including:

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  • Tree roots

  • Mineral deposits

  • Food waste

  • Hardened grease accumulation

The Drain Line Cleaning Steps & Equipment

At NuFlow Indy, we have an assortment of different equipment for effectively removing clogs and cleaning the drains effectively. These solutions are recommended after a careful video camera inspection of the inside of the pipes. This inspection and leak detection step is an important component of all of the work we conduct. By gaining a clear, inside look at the condition of your pipes, we can determine the location of a clog and assess its size and density. All of this information is necessary and ensures that the subsequent cleaning service that we recommend will be fully effective and long-term.

Our experts are certified and have the proper training and field experience to safely perform these drain cleaning services without risking the quality of the pipes in the homes or businesses we visit. Our drain cleaning services include:

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Drain Snaking

At NuFlow Indy, our drain snaking tools are utilized to remove small-scale clogs and debris from inside of the drain lines. Manually inserted into the pipes, we control the tools and carefully snag the clumps of waste and pull them out of the drains. While effective for removing minor complications, we have other equipment and methods for cleaning more extensive problems in pipelines.

Hydro Jetting

Hydro jetting is an advanced cleaning service recommended for cutting through tree roots and pulverizing dense mineral and grease deposits. For this process to be effective, a hose with a uniquely shaped nozzle attached is inserted directly into the clogged pipeline through an access point such as a cleanout. Once the hose is in position, the water tank attached to it is turned on. Managing the water pressure, our technicians will move the hose through the pipe, and as it does, the water is redirected in multiple directions with the nozzle attached to the spout. This provides a thorough cleaning to the inside of the pipe and is capable of cleaning sharp bends and other spots in the drains that would otherwise be difficult to reach.

Schedule Regular Drain Cleaning Services With NuFlow Indy

At NuFlow Indy, our cleaning services are available outside of solving emergency drain line problems. Our customers in Indiana are encouraged to call us and schedule frequent cleaning sessions throughout the year in order to keep the pipes continually clean and free of complications. There are other benefits to investing in annual checkups and cleaning sessions, and this includes saving money in the long run by preventing large-scale clogs and accidents from forming.

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If you are experiencing what you think may be a clog or any other plumbing problem, give our team at NuFlow Indy a call. With incredible service and an extremely well-trained team, the only number you need to call is 317-777-6489. Give us a call today!

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