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If your Arizona residence or commercial property is experiencing pinhole leaks, slab leaks, rusty water or other failures within pressurized pipe systems, please contact us now. We use Nu Flow’s patented Nu Line system to repair pinhole leaks or other pipe problems without having to dig or tear open walls. This technology can be used in potable, HVAC, fire suppression, gas and other pressurized pipes with diameters of 1/2″ to 12″, ultimately saving our customers a lot of money and time.

Epoxy pipe lining restoration of plumbing, structural pipe, and mechanical systems is a non-invasive process that uses epoxy to coat the inside walls of pipes without destruction to interior or exterior surfaces of building structures, hardscape or landscape. Nu Line is used not only as a long-term solution to prevent corrosion and leaks but is commonly used as a preventative tool to preserve the life of existing piping systems.

Epoxy Pipe Lining Process

Nu Flow Phoenix utilizes Nu Flow’s patented epoxy pipe lining process to rehabilitate failing or aged drinking water (potable), HVAC, fire suppression, fountain, pool and other pressurized pipe systems. This innovative system uses existing access points that prevent destruction, therefore preventing the need for relocation of residents or tenants. This technique can be used to renovate pipes with diameters that range from 1/2″ to 12″.

First, the pipe system is mapped out and pinhole leaks are found using compressed air. Next, the pipes are thoroughly cleaned to remove any corrosion buildup, increasing flow throughout the system. Then, clean, compressed air is used to push liquid epoxy throughout the pipe system. This epoxy cures to form a protective barrier coating throughout the pipe system. The epoxy pipe liner that is created within the host pipes prevents pinhole leaks, buildup, rusty water and other common failures from occurring in the future. This innovative solution can be easily used for pipes with a lot of bends and for pipelines that include changes in diameter.

If your home or business is plagued with plumbing problems, such as pinhole leaks, slab leaks, rusty water, buildup and other mechanical pipe system problems, please contact us today for an affordable, proven, long-term solution!

* Nu Flow Phoenix’s epoxy coating solution meets the industry standards set forth by NSF and IAPMO, and is UL Certified to ANSI/NSF Standard 61.

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