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Indoor pools in Indiana are a blessing. We get humid summers and cold and rainy winters. So being outside does not sound so pleasant. As the warm months are coming, and you pull your bathing suit anticipating a nice and cool time, a nightmare begins. Your pool’s water pipes are busted.

How much is it going to cost? Are you going to have the pool guys in your house for days (weeks!) digging holes to replace the damaged pipe?

Indoor Pool Drain Lining as a Better (Cheaper, Faster) Alternative

Having damaged pipes is the type of problem no one wants to have. Particularly for indoor pools, the potential for complications is enormous. That is why lining your pool’s drain pipes is the better option.

What is Drain Lining?

Having worked with dozens of residential and commercial clients in Indianapolis, we know many people are not aware of the advantages of drain lining.

So what is it?

In short, lining a pipe is the process of creating a pipe inside a pipe. This way you save time and money by avoiding making trenches to reach the damaged pipes.

When it comes to indoor pool drain lining, not having to dig or break walls is essential. It is one thing to dig trenches outside the property but imagine the chaos you would have for days just to fix a damaged pipe.

That is the hassle NuFlow’s drain lining helps you avoid.

How Damaged Pipes Waste Your Money

In average, residents of Indiana spend $190 per month on pool maintenance. While this is an expected cost, what’s not expected is a water bill that goes through the roof because of a damaged pipe.

No matter how well maintained your indoor pool is, you have to refill it now and then because of the water you lose through evaporation. It is true that indoor pools lose less water through evaporation than outdoor pools, but that is not the problem. Leaking is the reason why your money is, literally, going down the drain.

According to Scientific American, swimming pools in America have a 20 to 30 percent leak rate. Surprised? Most people do not notice the water level go down because most pools have automatic refillers. Unless you keep track of your water bills, you will probably never notice you are wasting money.

Indoor Pool Drain Lining with NuFlow is Affordable.

Now that the hot weather is coming, you are going to need your pool to be in perfect conditions. A perfect pool begins with renewing your pipes. We can help you diagnose the problem in your indoor pool. The worse case scenario is that you have a damaged pipe. But with our state-of-the-art technology, relining your drain pipes is fast, easy and affordable.

The best part of renewing your pipes with NuFlow, is that we will not break walls or dig trenches to get the job done. You will save money, time and you will experience a hassle-free indoor pool drain lining with NuFlow.

Contact us and see how you can save money now and in the long term. You’ll be glad you did.

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