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We certainly live in a high-tech era. Even the plumbing industry, which as a whole has been traditionally slow at adopting new technology, now relies on electronic devices just about as much as good old-fashioned wrenches. This is great news for residential, commercial, and industrial property owners because these technological plumbing advancements are designed to save you two extremely valuable commodities called money and time. Some of the recent developments in the field of plumbing significantly improve the repair process while others were created to prevent major problems from ever occurring. Sewer camera inspection is a good example of the latter.

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Thanks to improvements in video software and hardware technology, plumbing contractors are now able to use tiny waterproof video cameras to inspect the interior conditions of the sewer system at your home, place of business, or investment property or properties. In essence it is exactly like having a pair of human eyes inside of the sewer pipes. When the plumbing technician arrives at your property the first thing he or she will do is locate an easy to reach access point such as a drain cleanout. They will then install a flexible rod, which has the video camera attached to the end, into the sewer pipeline through the access point.

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As the camera works its way through the system it is taking high-definition video images of the interior conditions of the pipes. The images are transmitted back to the technician, and can be viewed in real time on a portable electronic device such as a laptop computer, handheld tablet, or even a smartphone. The technician is able to determine the exact condition of the sewer pipes based on these images. If there are any blockages, chips, cracks, breaks, holes, rotten spots, or other compromises to the structural integrity of the system a repair plan can be formulated prior to the occurrence of a major sewer related disaster.

Often times the problems are minor enough that they do not require immediate attention. That being said it is extremely important to literally and figuratively keep an eye on the situation with future sewer camera inspections to ensure that the situation is not getting worse. The entire process takes just about an hour to complete and is absolutely affordable. Regularly scheduled sewer camera inspections can save property owners thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars in avoidable sewer related repair work.

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Nu Flow Technologies is an expert sewer camera inspection company that has been servicing the needs of our valued customers for close to twenty years. We are proud to offer the best services in the plumbing industry. Our use of state of the art equipment, tools, and materials combined with a staff of dedicated, experienced, and hard working field technicians allows us to provide you with the best solutions at prices that will not break the bank. Please contact us to schedule a sewer camera inspection at your earliest convenience. We look forward to working with you.

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