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At NuFlow Indy, we understand the inconvenience of pipeline problems in homes and businesses in Indiana. Our team is proud to have moved away from utilizing dig-and-replace methods in order to restore pipeline structures in homes. Instead, we recommend trenchless pipe lining as the best solution for repairing water pipes.

Why Trenchless Pipe Lining Services Are Superior To Trench-Based Repairs

Piping problems are a common issue in houses or commercial buildings. In the past, it also used to be a costly and serious problem as well, resulting in pulled up floorboards or big holes in walls to get to the pipes that were causing issues. The time it used to take to do this was lengthy, and costs could be quite serious not only in the piping process but also rebuilding the floors and walls that were torn in the process.

Trenchless pipe lining has solved virtually all of those past problems. At NuFlow Indy, we offer state-of-the-art trenchless technology to ensure the pipeline problems are taken care of while saving our customers time and money.

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How Trenchless Pipe Lining Benefits Homeowners In Indiana

Trenchless pipe lining is a very non-intrusive procedure which allows our experienced team to examine and fix pipes without having to pull them out and replace them. This is accomplished by placing an epoxy-saturated felt tube, or liner, into the problematic pipe, inflating it and letting it cure in place with heat or ambient temperatures. After the liner has cured, the result is a brand-new pipe within the old pipe that is structurally strong. Linings usually have a 50-year life use expectancy, which is almost double the lifespan of traditional cast-iron pipes.

Before we install the liner in your pipes, our team will inspect them with an initial inspection with a CCTV camera that can fit into the piping. We are then able to not only identify the problem and where it is, but we can measure the liner to ensure we get the right length and diameter. Our technicians will then thoroughly clean the pipes using hydro jetting or mechanical methods. This will remove tree roots, blockages, and scale buildup so the lining will fit securely. After the pipe is cleaned and excess debris is removed, we will then line the pipe.

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Since the felt liner was previously measured and cut to the dimensions of the pipe after our inspection it will be a quick process. We saturate the liner with a two-part epoxy and enter it into the pipe by either the inversion method or pull in place method. Both of these processes ensure that the liner is placed securely. Then the epoxy-saturated liner is expanded using air, which causes the liner to take the shape of the previous pipe while it cures in place. After the epoxy has cured within several hours, the liner acts as the new pipe installed within the host pipe without extensive digging.

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