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When a vent stack stops working the way it is supposed to, it can lead to a lot of trouble for your home or business property. To avoid the expenses of repairing floods or backups as a result of a vent stack failing to function properly, call Nu Flow Indy today for assistance. Our team of experts is capable of fixing vent stacks with a process called vent stack lining, a trenchless solution that ensures that your property will remain intact during the entirety of our visit.

Instead of carrying out a replacement procedure, technicians at Nu Flow Indy are equipped with the skills and technology required to carry out this process without needing to remove the entire vent stack. Replacing the vent stack can cause a lot of additional damage to your property and prolong the entire process. Even if you do end up replacing the vent stack, there is never a guarantee that the same damage won’t occur again, making Nu Flow Indy’s vent stack lining process the smart option to go with.

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No one wants to see their home’s walls or flooring being torn down, and traditional methods often required this demolition. With Nu Flow Indy’s vent stack lining procedure, nothing will need to be torn down or broken through to expose the pipes. Vent stack lining is a no-dig solution that costs much less than the traditional methods of repair.

The first step in the process requires our technician to perform a video camera inspection. By passing a video camera through the vents, our technicians are able to get a complete view of the interior and assess where the point of damage is and what the extent of it is. This inspection allows us to accurately diagnose the problem and ensure that the solution we come up with to solve it is comprehensive and holistic.

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A liner will then be inserted after the stack has been cleared of debris. Once the liner is set in place, it will create a new pipe within the old pipe structure that is solid and will serve your home for fifty years or more. This process can be applied to any pipeline material including fiberglass, PVC, clay, and iron. Trenchless pipe lining eliminates the need for any sort of digging and breaking down structures. Our professionals at Nu Flow Indy have the experience required to complete this process without causing any delays or disruptions in your regular schedule. We take the time to restore your vent stack without the extra collateral damage or labor costs.

Call the trusted team at Nu Flow Indy and have us inspect your pipes and give you an accurate report of what state they are in prior to any repair services. Our vent stack lining process will leave you completely satisfied with the efficiency and quality of our work. Most importantly, we promise that our work is not only careful and precise but that our technicians are friendly and are committed to producing high-quality results.

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