NuFlow Indy is Greenwood’s trusted no-dig, trenchless sewer line repair expert. We are based in Greenwood, which allows us to provide fast and reliable sewer line services to our Johnson County neighbors. We’re invested in making sure our community gets the best service possible. 

Sewer Line Repair in Greenwood, Indiana

We work on sewer lines all throughout the greater Greenwood area, from historic Old Town Greenwood to the popular shopping district around the Greenwood Park Mall. Plus, our team can solve almost any pipe problem without digging, from bellied or offset lines to corroded or cracked pipes.

When we arrive at your Johnson County property, our team will first conduct a sewer camera inspection to see what’s going on in your sewer line. Each customer gets a copy of the HD video, so you can see exactly what we see. If we find a problem, our local technician will provide an estimate to fix it without damaging your property. 

Greenwood’s historic neighborhoods have many gorgeous older homes with aging pipes. NuFlow Indy’s technology can bring those sewer lines into the 21st century and prevent future problems. Before you purchase one of these older homes, consider getting a NuFlow Indy sewer camera inspection for peace of mind. 

Greenwood, Indiana is filled with trails, golf courses, schools, local shops and restaurants. NuFlow Indy helps preserve the beautiful landscaping and keeps businesses operating while fixing sewer line problems. 

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Our Services in Greenwood

We specialize in no-dig, trenchless sewer line repair. We take pride in providing residential and commercial customers with the most efficient and effective sewer line solutions. 

In addition to our no-dig services, we clean sewer lines, offer sewer camera inspections, and provide cleanout installation. In the rare cases where our trenchless sewer line repair isn’t the best option, we also offer excavation services. No matter your sewer line needs, NuFlow Indy has you covered.