NuFlow Indy is the no-dig, trenchless sewer line repair leader in Indianapolis.

We fix sewer lines all over Indianapolis, from Castleton to Beech Grove, Speedway to Warren Township, and everywhere in between. We can tackle sewer line problems of all sorts, including cracked pipes, collapsed pipes, root intrusions, corrosion and blockages.

No matter where you are located in Indianapolis, our team will start with a sewer camera inspection to diagnose the problem. Our experts will then recommend the best course of action to fix the problem without damaging your yard or driveway. Most of our services, including restoring your entire sewer line, can be done without digging. You can also read about how our trenchless sewer line repair works.

Sewer Line Repair in Indianapolis

Where We Often Provide Services

Some of our busiest neighborhoods in Indianapolis include Fountain Square, Broad Ripple Village, Irvington, the Old North Side, and Bates Hendricks.

Fountain Square and Bates Hendricks are two neighborhoods in the city that are growing very quickly as people buy and renovate older homes. As new homeowners or investors begin the renovation process, they sometimes discover sewer problems, and NuFlow Indy is ready to fix them. We can keep your renovation schedule on track by quickly fixing sewer line problems without digging – meaning less downtime, no cleanup and minimal disruption to your work. 

Historic neighborhoods and cultural districts like Irvington, Broad Ripple Village and the Old North Side are great places to work and live. Each neighborhood is packed with local restaurants and small businesses. We avoid disruption in these communities by repairing or replacing sewer lines without digging.

Many homes built in these areas were often built nearly 100 years ago, meaning the aging pipes often have serious problems. We can restore the sewer lines to as good as new, without wrecking the historic character and charm of your home or shutting down local businesses. Our no-dig, trenchless pipe lining technology creates a “pipe-within-a-pipe” that should last up to another 100 years. The pipe lining is so strong it can prevent tree roots from invading in the future. 

Our Services in Indianapolis

NuFlow Indy offers a variety of long-lasting solutions to all your sewer line problems. If you don’t see the specific service you have in mind, give us a call at 317-777-6489 to talk about your options. 

Who We Serve in Indianapolis

Our no-dig, trenchless sewer line repair is the perfect choice for commercial or residential sewer line problems in the greater Indianapolis area.

Sewer Line Repair in Indianapolis

Indy’s busy hospitals can’t afford to stop life-saving care for a sewer line repair or replacement. Patients from around the state travel to Indianapolis for its level-one trauma centers, and NuFlow Indy has the capability to keep hospitals open and doctors at work. 

Sewer Line Repair in Indianapolis

The biggest employers in central Indiana shouldn’t have to halt production, and multi-tenant apartment buildings shouldn’t have to displace residents in order to fix pipe problems. NuFlow Indy can solve all these problems and more. See more about who we serve in the Circle City. NuFlow Indy’s technology works on all major piping materials, both inside and outside a property.

Published on: 01/10/2023

Author: Dave Perry

Dave Perry founded NuFlow Indy in 2016. Prior to founding NuFlow, Dave was the founder and CEO of DP Mechanical, a commercial and residential plumbing and HVAC business. He is a licensed plumber with 30+ years of experience in industrial, commercial and