Why Is Lining Your Pool Drain Pipes a Better Option?

Lining Your Pool Drain

Your pool is a fun addition to your home. Whether you’ve had a long hot day in the Indiana summer or you need a nice workout in your indoor pool during the long winters, the last thing you want is to find out that you need to repair your pool or its drain pipe system.

If you’re losing water and constantly refilling the pool, then you could be facing a big expense. The cause could be leaks and cracks in your drain pipes. Your pool should be relaxing; it should not add to your stress.

The problem with a lot of drain pipe repairs is that they are destructive. Getting to your pool drain pipes can be a huge pain that requires digging up your property. If your pool is indoors, add tearing apart walls and floors to the list. This really is excessive and close to impossible for homeowners on a budget.

Living in a construction zone is definitely not relaxing. All you really need to have watertight, safe, and reliable pipes is a trenchless pipe relining, also known as a Cured-In-Place Pipe. This quick procedure allows your existing pool drain pipes to be lined with an epoxy resin that fills and protects them. Your existing pipes will guide the technician and their tools as they work to create your new pipes inside of your old drain pipes.

A Better Option

A trenchless pipe relining is a great way to both protect and repair your existing pipes. The plumbing technician uses the existing framework of your pool drain system to guide their tools through each turn and twist of your pipe system. Every part of your pool drain system will be sealed and coated. Any cracks or openings will no longer leak. Corrosion will be slowed and the life of your pipes will be dramatically extended. Relined pipes are just as effective and long-lasting as traditionally installed pipes.

The expense of this kind of trenchless drain repair can essentially pay for itself. Lining your pool drain pipes can be done in one day. By digging one access hole, technicians can forgo destructive trenches and leave your lawn, floors, and walls intact.

As a preventative measure, this can ensure that you will not face major repairs in the future. A regular drain pipe lining keeps your pool drain pipes sturdy and clean. When you add on the financial and environmental savings in water, you can’t beat the price of pool drain lining.

Consider lining your pool drain pipes on a yearly or regularly scheduled basis so that emergencies don’t sneak up on you when you least expect it. It can already take a lot of money to properly treat and maintain your pool water. Between chemicals, pumps, and filters your pool is complicated enough.

Take a step toward making your pool a stress free zone for fun and relaxation by looking into drain pipe relining. You want your pool to be ready when you need it. It should be more fun than work, and it will be if your drain pipes are properly repaired.

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